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An Overview

NEW YORK has finally become a no fault state, which means that a divorce can be obtained without the need of proving traditional grounds for divorce. The new no-fault ground for divorce is established one party states under oath that the relationship; between husband and wife has broken down irretrievanbly for a period of at least 6 months. The traditional grounds in New York remain and they are are cruelty, abandonment for one year (including sexual abandonment), confinement in prison for three years, and adultery, but there...

Can You Trust Your Divorce Lawyer

THE ANSWER is, probably not—unless you remain alert, on top of your divorce case, and know when conditions are ripe for you to be victimized. That's right! Victimized even by your own lawyer!

Divorce lawyers have been portrayed in cartoons and jokes as sharks, snakes and similar cold-blooded creatures with vicious and aggressive traits. But divorce lawyers are no different than any other people and they have the same motivations, strengths and weaknesses...

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